30 Years of Golf

The 30th year of Hole in t’ Wall golf. Throughout the year our staff, friends, family and customers take part in various ‘Texas Scramble’ golf competitions around the North West.

In Texas Scramble all members of the team (4 players) tee off. Then one of these drives is chosen to be used for the next shot and all members of the team place their balls where the chosen drive ended up, and all the team play a second shot from this spot, this process is repeated for the third, forth, fifth and if you are having a particularly bad day, maybe even the sixth.

Yesterday, 9th of June saw the big one! It was ‘Carus Green’, our local course which regularly plays host to Northern PGA events. The 5 teams took to the first tee at 11am and returned to the clubhouse at around 3pm for a good natter and debrief.

When it came to points it was very close with only 1 point between the first and second team!

If you wish to take part in any of the upcoming competitions or find out anymore then just pop into the Hole and someone will tell you everything you need to know, it would be great to keep this tradition going for years to come!


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